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Excavation for the Finer Details

Precision, skill, and attention to detail are of paramount importance when undertaking detailed excavation works. At GE Civil Enterprises, we recognise this and pride ourselves on offering our expertise to civil projects right across Australia. Equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to take on any style of civil project, our team can provide flawless high-risk, or tight access excavations as well as possessing the versatility to complete final trims, backfill, soil compaction, trenching, levelling, and much more.

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The Urban Excavation Professionals

When it comes to carrying out detailed earthworks in built-up or urban areas, our team has the experience combined with an understanding of the necessary safety regulations and best practices, to ensure a job can be carried out with no unexpected delays.

Tight Access Excavation

With access to a state-of-the-art fleet of machinery that includes excavators sizing up to 20 tonnes as well as a range of tippers, we guarantee to have the ideal equipment to suit any access or site restrictions. Our operators have both the talent and the confidence to provide expert site cuts that will meet even the tightest design specifications whilst ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment.

Pad Foundations excavation

Working Around Utilities

Negotiating pre-existing utilities such as gas and water is a common occurrence when carrying out civil construction in built up areas and can be fraught with risk if undertaken incorrectly. With over 20 years of experience working around utilities we have built our reputation on succeeding against difficult project requirements with the inherent foresight and attention to detail that always results in success.

Ensure a Flawless Urban Construction Result by Enlisting Our Team to Handle All Your Detailed Excavation Needs


Precision Trenching and Pipe Laying

We can dig precise, safe, and functional trenches accurately mirroring project design specifications to the millimetre across a range of civil project sites. Suitable for a variety of applications including utility installations, our trenching service can be customised to incorporate pipe laying and drainage as part of the package.

You can learn more about our civil drainage and pipe laying services here.

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GE Civil Enterprises pipe laying
GE Civil Enterprises pipe installation services
GE Civil Enterprises detailed excavation services and solutions


Excavation Project Gallery

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with leading civil partners on multiple projects providing detailed excavations to the high standard that has made us a premier supplier. Operating from our base in Sydney, we are available to undertake excavation projects Australia-wide. Here are some of our most recent collaborations.


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